Restaurant Rant/Review: Chili’s East Providence

Let me start by saying that my friend and I have eaten at this particular restaurant numerous times considering we live in the area, this way my readers will be in the know that this incident I’m writing about isn’t just a one time thing.  Each time I have frequented it, I’ve noticed that when you are first seated the waitress comes around your table frequently.  To take your order…get you drinks…and what have you.  But after you receive your order it never fails, your waitress disappears.  She becomes Houdini and is no where to be found.  I’m not exaggerating either, your plates of food get put down in front of you, and then you and your dining partner(s) are on your own until your plate is empty…or you’ve been done eating and haven’t moved your jaw to chew anything in about fifteen minutes…whatever comes first.  When you’re literally just about to the point of aggravation, here comes your waitress with the bill in hand.  So if you did happen to want anything else, another drink or desert let’s say, you’re out of luck…you’re DONE.  You get a half-smiled “thanks so much” as she puts the bill down and that’s literally the extent that you interact with your waitress while you visit Chili’s.  

Now, I’m sure you wondering why I continue to eat there…yes? This is where the “review” part kicks in.  To be honest…the food’s good.  I happen to like the chicken taco’s and the new chicken finger platters they have so I see no harm in returning…as long as I can look past the Houdini -trained waitresses. Also I tend to get desert there because they have this insanely awesome chocolate molten cake.  It’s this mouthwatering, rich, chocolate cake that has a “molten” center, if you will.  So that when you insert your spoon (or fork…whatever you prefer to eat your desert with) into the center of the cake, hot liquid chocolate comes oozing out.  They top it with vanilla ice cream and a chocolate hard shell coating….and it’s Heaven in my book.  I’ve gone there JUST for this desert and I’m not ashamed to admit that.

In closing this blog, let me add that I am in no way saying that I will not frequent my local Chili’s again….that I will.  I’m just pointing out that the food is great but the service isn’t as high ranked.  I haven’t had an unpleasant waitress per say, just ones that come back to your table out of habit rather than want.


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