Being The Single Mother

mother and childI have a beautiful son who just turned 3. I am a single mother. His father is a big part of his life but we are not together. I am writing this blog about being a single mother because today was a hard day. And you will have those days, as every mother knows.

Ever since my child was born, I knew it was going to be hard. Actually I knew the moment I found out that I was pregnant it was going to be hard. My entire life changed the day that I took the test and saw the two lines appear. I no longer thought only of myself and I knew that I was going to be completely responsible for another human being. Needless to say…it was overwhelming.

But you get through your pregnancy and you get through your labor and you bring home your incredible child….and all nine months of waiting pay off when you gaze into your child’s eyes. However, the doubts of motherhood and parenting….become abundantly real. No one prepares you for them. If this is your first child….EVERYTHING is new….and hard. And you find out exceptionally quick….that it’s all even harder when you do it alone.

It is, however, exceptionally rewarding. Once you get past the infant stage and move on to the toddler age, you get to hear yourself called “mommy” and you get lots of hugs and kisses. So whatever hard times you think you’ll never survive as a mother, the unconditional love you receive from your child makes it all the more enticing to keep doing your best. But because it is hard in every respect (physically, emotionally, etc) if you were to ask me at this time if I ever planned on having any more children…my answer will be no. One is enough in my book. While I always dreamed of having a daughter, having a son has been rewarding. There really is nothing like the bond between mother and son…or mother and child for that matter.

No one will EVER be more important in your child’s life than you. You are your child’s first role model in every aspect of life. You are who they run to with bruised knees and broken hearts. Advice could never be given more lovingly and honest than when it comes from a parent. That’s huge in my book. It makes me strive to better myself in all aspects. If I want my son to be strong in his life then I must be strong in mine. If I want my son to grow up to be a hard worker and go after what he wants, then I too must show him that anything is possible.

Being a single mother is dauntingly hard, there’s no doubt about it. But my advice would be to keep at it mothers…never let anyone bring you down…and strive to be the best you can be because your children deserve a great role model.



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2 responses to “Being The Single Mother

  1. b_maria

    I too have a beautiful 9 year old son who only knows his father as ‘that man in the photo’
    I totally agree with what you write here. it gives single mom like me the encouragement to strive for better me and better life for my son. thank you 🙂

  2. Anyway, you have a fascinating perspective on this topic. Please update this blog regularly! By the way, can your readers to send in topics they would like to personally know more about? Actually I have a question on this topic because I am going through a challenging situation with a woman I have a crush on and I am not sure how to move forward. I’d really like to ask for your comments…or perhaps someone can recommend a book that I ought to read?

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