My Ideal Home Office

home-officeI was thinking the other day about what my ideal office space would look like.  If I could literally take a room and transform it into my office….with money as no object….what exactly would I have in it?

The basics…yes….like a super fast top of the line computer….office supplies galore…fax machine…coppier…the whole nine.
But what about things like windows?  Personally I like lots of light….natural light.  Therefore, I would have at least three big windows…with amazing purple paisley curtains sweeping ceiling to floor.  Definitely vertical blinds rather than horizontal as I believe they let in more light.  I would paint the walls a light mocha-red color as I love the warm, inviting feeling that it gives off.  
My floors would be bare except for an elegant oriental rug with hints of violet woven throughout. And an oversized microfiber loveseat would adorn the corner for guests to make themselves home in.  I would even invest in an ottoman so that my guests put quite literally put their feet up.  On the side of the couch would be a glass end table so that glasses of iced tea could feel at home as well.  
Art would consist of timeless masterpieces hanging the walls, I prefer to have two or three really big pieces rather than numerous small ones scattered on the wall.  I would also incorporate the busts of some favorite authors of mine such as Shakespeare and Poe.
My desk would be black…and I really like the picture above with the round desk….if I could find it bigger….I would add it to my room.  Also, BOOKCASES….and lots of them.  I love built-ins but I’ll take free standing.  I have a very large collection of books that just keeps growing so the space would come in handy.
Last but not least….a real comfy chair. One that I wouldn’t mind spending loads of time in.
This would be my ideal work space….what about yours?


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  1. Alex

    Nice blog ..

    I like your Home office

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