Business Cards: The Smell of Sweet Success

business-cardsHello my readers. I received my business cards in the mail today and I have to say that I really feel like this freelance thing is taking off now that I actually am seeing my name in print.

It’s a nice feeling to be able to promote yourself with something as small as a business card.  Imagine where mine (and yours) will end up? Let’s say we leave them on a bulletin board at the super market…someone picks one or two up and passes them on to a friend/family member/colleague.  From there who knows where they will end up.  Your possibilities are endless with something as small as a business card.

I plan on pinning mine up where ever possible.  I think it’s an inexpensive yet bold way to get your name out there.

I personally ordered mine from because the prices were very reasonable.  And I figured that for my first time making up cards that I didn’t want to commit to buying 2000 and then remembering that I forgot to add something.

Comment and let me know how and what you do to promote yourself as a freelancer.  I’m sure lots of you have your own cards/website/flyer’s etc.  Did you find a place offering low prices? Do you remain faithful ordering from one site for your promoting needs?


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