It’s good to be a cat in my house

cat close up So…I have two cats. One being a pure bred male Siamese, and the other being a female tabby cat.  I have always been a cat person. Dogs just never did it for me. I didn’t care to be bothered having to walk and clean up after them. Cats are pretty much self sufficient. You can leave them alone for days at a time with enough food…water….and a clean litter box. After all, they sleep most of the day away anyway, so they’re not likely to even notice you’re gone.

I have friends that are dog people..they loathe cats. I don’t argue with those kind of people…it’s not worth it. While I am an avid feline fan….I would never force my opinion on others. I enjoy the mysteriousness that surrounds cats. The sleekness with which they carry themselves. The way they brush up against your leg and frolic in between your feet when they need a refill on food. Anyone owning a Siamese can tell you they’re loud. I for one, have always been a fan of the breed. The slinky-ness about them always attracted me….of course, their crystal blue eyes were quite a pull for me as well.
I enjoy my sharply-clawed friends. Their “let’s sleep the day away” attitude. I envy them really….I’d love to sleep the day away and have someone get your food and water for you….get pet daily and never come when called unless I feel like it. It’s good to be a cat in my house. 



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2 responses to “It’s good to be a cat in my house

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  2. the one from photo has green eyes. it this one of yours? really cute, I like the grey tabby ones best.

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