A Writer’s Notebook

DiaryFor some writers of today, the digital age is so overbearing that it’s hard to know how we lived BEFORE blackberry’s and laptops. I’m only thirty, but I can remember very clearly not having a cell phone until I was in my late teens. I had a beeper…back when they were cool for “regular” people, not just doctors. I didn’t grow up having four computers in my house. In fact, I had zero computers for many years. As kids, we went outside to play. We didn’t sit in front of the TV for hours. I built snowmen in the snow and volcano’s in the sand to occupy my time. Without even knowing it, I had tons of inspiration around me. Just from being outside, my mind was absorbing all the creative forces around me. And that must be why I always carried around a notebook and a pencil. Not a pen. A pencil. Even today, I tend to write more in pencil. I like the fact you can erase what you don’t enjoy. You have to cross out if you pen it.

My love of writing grew as I did. Even today I have notebooks, diaries, and journals galore in my house,  in my purse, near my bed, and in my car. I fancy ornate covers and big spiral bounds. When I find myself in Borders, I make sure to stock up on the Moleskine journals in every size, color, and shape. I also sometimes prefer tiny blank pocket pads to stick in my jacket. I write everything down. Sometimes it will be a single word that I enjoy the sound of, other times it’s full paragraphs of someone planting flowers. Oh…and quotes. I’m BIG into quotes. That would explain my love of classical literature. The author’s of today don’t know how to write as eloquently as the author’s of say…the sixteenth century.

Nevertheless, the notebook has been a writers’ best friend for centurys. research proves that writing is a healthy outlet for some. Sort of like petting a cat, or throwing brush strokes on an empty canvas. It allows for one to record dreams, goals, and heart strings. And there’s nothing wrong with writing down your fears either. Look at your notebook as a legacy for future generations to find and get lost in.  

Tell us about your favorite notebook.



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4 responses to “A Writer’s Notebook

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  3. floatingink

    I’m a notebook junkie, too, and keep several going at once. One set (I’m up to multiple volumes) is where I sketch ideas and inspiration for art and craft projects. The current one is a hand-made one with beautiful papers and color drawings of Ganesh.

    Another is my day-to-day diary, journal, to-do list–the current one of these is a very prosaic. plain-Jane wire-o sketch book.

    Then there’s always a tiny one for my purse–right now I’m using a matchbook style sheaf of papers I made with a paint chip from the hardware store. You can see some of these at my blog if you like: http://floatingink.wordpress.com/2008/11/20/one/

  4. My favorite notebook is my “dreams” notebook where I place all my brilliant ideas that I don’t want to slip away. It has a sun and moon on it and it was a gift for my 16th birthday.

    Keep positive!

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