Happy Mother’s Day

A Mother's HugMother’s Day. In my opinion, THE single most important day of the year. Every day should be mother’s day if you ask me. Mothering is a hard job. It’s not just changing diapers, giving baths, making dinner, cleaning the house, etc. There’s so much more mental planning and prep work going on that no one sees. 

Before I became a mother, and when I was younger, I would toss a few cards and cheap gifts at my mom. Give her a hug and a kiss and wish her “Happy Mother’s Day”. However, blossoming into adult and mommy hood has given me a new found appreciation for not just my own mom, but mother’s everywhere. So selflessly we give ourselves up to better our children. No one really notices that mothers eat last, or go a few extra weeks without that hair cut so that our children can walk around in Uggs rather than no name wanna-be’s. 

Above all, we want to see our children thrive. And we’ll give up anything to give them more than what we had. That often goes unnoticed…or in some instances…it’s expected. So…mother’s….biological…adoptive…whatever….enjoy your day. Have an extra pancake and cup of coffee that your kids made you this morning. Go get a pedicure AND manicure simply because you DESERVE it.

Enjoy being the most important person in someones life. Recognize that you are and continue to set good examples for your kids to follow. No one loves you and looks up to you more than your children. No one will ever need you to hold them tight more than your kids. Know that when you receive the thousands of hugs and kisses daily (and the attitudes on the bad days) that that is your child’s way of saying “I love you and all you do for me mommy”. 

With warmest wishes….Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms. Enjoy your day.


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