Diaper Rash and Ways to Prevent It

diaper rashI’ve been reading a lot lately on diaper rash. I’m not going looking for articles or anything, they just keep popping up on websites I visit, or alerts I get from my email. I thought it would be helpful to the other mothers out there if I shared my story of how my son has never had a day of diaper rash since he was born almost four years ago.

My secret? The answer for diaper rash sufferers everywhere? POWDER…and lots of it. When I was pregnant I read every thing having to do with newborns that I could find. I absorbed all the information and baked it into my own “baby-pie”. I kept reading that today’s moms have gotten away from using powder for fear of health reasons for newborns (research shows that infants inhaling the talc in powder can be harmful for their lungs…more on that in a minute). On the other hand, the benefits of using baby powder in preventing and treating diaper rash greatly outweighed the negatives. So, I decided I would give it a try and see how it worked.

Literally, from the day I birthed my son, I have been using baby powder on his bum. When he was a newborn, I would simply sprinkle the powder onto his entire diaper BEFORE putting the diaper on him. I did this to keep the powder away from his face. And by sprinkling it on the diaper and not him, I didn’t have to worry that he was breathing in the talc. As he got older, four months and up, I simply would put the powder directly onto his genitalia WHILE changing his diaper. I’ve always had a heavy hand when it comes to powder and feel that you can never have enough baby powder on a cute, little poopie…but you may feel like less is more. Experiment on the amounts.

Either way, I have found firsthand that regardless of the amount of baby powder you use, it’s the best way of preventing diaper rash. Think about yourself, I’m sure some of you use powder on your body daily. You know how well powder keeps you dry and helps prevent rashes, well it does the same for babies. They sit in a diaper twenty-four hours a day, imagine having that wet thing rub on your tush without any protection!

Another note worth mentioning. Because my son has never had diaper rash, that means I’ve never had to buy any creams or ointments for healing diaper rash. This is a HUGE money saver moms! Preventing the problem means spending less money trying to remedy it. You can purchase a decent sized bottle of baby powder at your local dollar store. That’s way less that a $5 or $6 dollar tube of diaper rash cream don’t you think?

If you’re a powder user for your baby….tell me your story. If your not…try using baby powder and let me know if you notice a difference in diaper rash.



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