Time Out for A Writer’s Soul

time outWhen writers write, we need a time out. This can be a quick five minute run to the kitchen for a cup of tea or coffee. It can also mean taking a few hours off from your current assignment to run an errand, go sit outside for some fresh air and inspiration, or taking the entire weekend off to find new ideas to write about. Whatever your preference for your time out is, it’s an important part of being a writer.

Taking some time to yourself will not only provide you with new insight into your writing, but it will also refresh your soul so that you AND your writing become one. No, I’m not trying to get spiritual here. I’m simply pointing out that it’s good to walk away from the desk once and a while. 

Writers are often couped up in their office daily. Whether that office is a huge circular room loaded with bookshelves that touch the ceiling, or its your laptop on your kitchen table…an office is an office. 

I realized the importance of ten minute mini breaks when I started college. Considering that English was my major for both my undergraduate and graduate degree’s, you can rest assured that I did LOTS of reading and writing. Those long assignments warranted a break for sure. And after trial and error of alternating long and short breaks, I found that for myself, it was best if I took a ten to fifteen minute break once every hour or hour and a half. Simply to get up, stretch, grab a drink, check email…whatever. Just to get away from my books for a few allowed me to return to them with wider eyes.

Do you have a time out ritual when you write? Tell me about your habits for renewing yourself and your writing. I love learning new styles on how to relax in between writing.



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5 responses to “Time Out for A Writer’s Soul

  1. I guess you could say a little of both…instinct and tradition.

    I think I have an undiagnosed case of A.D.D. at times (I’m kidding) so it’s natural for me to not be able to sit four hours…so I kind of just get up when my body tells me.

    Other times, I’ve hit writers block….or I lose my train of thought…that kind of thing.

    Hope that helps…and thanks for your comment….it’s appreciated. Take Care.

  2. EY

    Personally, I’m one of those love/hate writers. I wouldn’t even call myself a writer yet, if ever. And I’m also that person who sits down and hammers away until the thing is done, doesn’t look back, and months or yrs later rereads it if it pops up somewhere unexpected.

    So I have no time out tradition. Can’t figure out how to work them in effectively, and thus my question is: do you instinctually get up for a break after an hr or so? do you set an alarm on the cell? don’t you find yourself sometimes counting down to that established break if writing seems to be frustrating?

  3. My time out rituals depend on how big of a break I need/how burned out I am. I like to get a cup of coffee or tea, maybe play a computer game for a bit, surf the web, check in on my writer’s board, catch up on email, etc.

    When the weather is nice (i.e., summer) I like to go out and work in the garden. Being outside in the quiet gives me plenty of time to reflect.

    And is it just me or do you come up with some of your best ideas in the shower? Very inconvenient. =)

    Your fellow blogathon-er,


  4. I, too, have to get up for about 10 minutes for every hour of work. My mind wanders too much if I don’t allow myself a break.

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