Guest Blogging = Free Exposure

Guest Blogger = Free ExposureJust a quick reminder, my fellow readers. I’m always looking for guest bloggers. It would be wonderful if we could be guests on each others blog on the same day…for instance, I’m looking for Fridays to be “Guest Day”. You could be a guest on my blog and I would be a guest on your blog. I feel it’s a great way to gain exposure for both blogs and the kind of work you do (free promotion basically).

I’m thinking that about a 200 word post describing yourself, your blog, the kind of work you do, how you got into it, and why you chose the profession would be suffice. Obviously whatever else you want to mention (kids, husband, etc) is fine and should be thrown into the bio. Writers in all genres should be guest blogging weekly as far as I’m concerned. It’s a fantastic and FREE way to get your name out there and network with other writers, which is VERY important if you want your writing career to go anywhere.

I know some fellow freelancers who think that guest blogging is a waste of time. I’m not sure how any writer could turn down free publicity. With that being said, please email me ( and we can talk about helping each other out by guest blogging.

Do you have other free ways of promoting yourself? Please share with my readers and I. We’d love to hear your story.


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One response to “Guest Blogging = Free Exposure

  1. Sounds like a good idea! Can we discuss this further?
    By the way I love your blog design (ofcourse writing is good too). It is so clean and give such a calming effect.
    Hope to hear from you soon.

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