Organization. It’s an art really.

organizeBeing organized is an art as far as I’m concerned. It takes special talent to be that kind of a person. Normal individuals aren’t nearly as organized as they should be. Take yourself for example, how many times have you spent ten or more minutes looking for car keys, paperwork, ingredients, cooking utensils, etc? Even though I know where things are in my house, I know I could use more tips for better organizing my belongings.

Here’s a short list of tips that I’ve picked up either from magazines, friends, or web surfing. As always, if you know of any organizing tips that you’ve found are working for you (and your family) then please share. I don’t know of anyone (mother or writer) that couldn’t benefit from being more organized.

Lists:   Really…this is common sense but for some reason it’s one of the hardest organizational techniques to follow. I tend to make lists quite often. But I can’t tell you how many times I’ve forgotten my grocery list at home and have winged it at the market only to return home realizing I forgot about ten items. Notebooks can be a great source of inspiration for writers as well as making awesome scrap paper for jotting things down. After you find what size notebook works for you, buy a few and stick them everywhere, in your car, in your purse, on your night stand. Wherever you think you may need to write something down. Don’t laugh…but tuck one away in the bathroom as well. The need for a new bottle of mouthwash or Tums arises just as much as the need for milk while in the kitchen.

Virtual Lists:    For those of you who live on your computers and Blackberry’s, both come equipped with “To Do” applications. Google has them, Blackberry has a a memo pad, voice recording, and a task application built right into it. If your driving and can’t write something down then simply record it and it’s there for you to play back or write down in the future.

Dry Erase Boards:   I know personally, because I just hit up Staples not too long ago, that they now have dry erase magnets for your fridge, filing cabinets, wherever you need small reminders.  I happen to have three dry erase magnets hanging on my fridge as I write this. I use them constantly as “To Do” lists and to remember odd things like what size clothes my friends’ kids are in. Best part is, for all you “green” people out there, is there’s no waste. You’re not throwing any paper away and when you no longer need the current message you have written on them, simply erase them and start anew. Fantastic idea really. I can picture those of you with filing cabinets using them to your advantage. Especially if space is a concern, they’re about the size of a Post-It note. Ideal if you don’t have the space to hang a normal size dry erase board but still want the convenience of using one.

Post-It Notes:  I’d kiss the inventor of these if I could. Quite possibly one of the best things ever invented. Stick them wherever you find necessary and now a days, they come in an array of sizes, shapes, colors, lined or unlined, and even “super sticky”. Really, what more could you ask for in terms of becoming organized?

Baskets:   Use inexpensive baskets to organize things. If you prefer to shop at Pier 1 and get really pretty ones, then be my guest. I prefer the cheepos from Wal-Mart or Target. With an array of shapes and sizes, baskets make a fantastic organizing tool, and they’re fairly decorative as well which is always a plus. Try to keep like things in each basket. For instance, if you’re filling the basket with accessories for your bathroom, then keep things that go in the bathroom only. Toothpaste, hair elastics, tooth brushes, mouth wash, hair products, etc. Seems pretty simple right? Then how come more of us don’t do it? 

For now, that’s my short list. As I find more I like, I’ll keep us updated. Again, add your two cents at any point…I love finding new ways to organize, and so do my readers.



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2 responses to “Organization. It’s an art really.

  1. I used to be organized. I will have to get back to that happy place. Life runs better for me when I have a bunch of lists.

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