A Parent’s Devotion

mother & childI spend a lot of time on the parenting blog of the New York Times website because, hey, I’m a parent. Today I came across this post entitled Mother Punches Teacher. It’s about a mother who punched a teacher for supposedly choking her five year old son. After the principal sat down with both parent and teacher, the teacher denied choking the boy but admitted to shaking him, the mother then right hooked the teacher on his head.

“What would I have done if I were in that situation” I asked myself. After much deliberation on my part, my answer is still not clear. I guess I would have to BE in that situation before I pass judgement on either party. What I can answer however, is the fact that I’m a quick reactor. I tend not to think of the consequences of my actions. I do as my emotions tell me to. Perhaps the mother involved in this dispute was the same way.

Since becoming a parent, I feel an extremely strong pull to always defend my son. I’m always making sure to keep him out of harms way so that I won’t ever have to feel like I have to defend him physically. But, I can tell you, that I wouldn’t hesitate to do so. Any good mother knows…you don’t disrespect someone else’s children. No matter how bad they’re acting up, you don’t ever discipline someone else’s child. Ever. Period.

I know that schools have it hard when it comes to disciplining kids. You’re not allowed to physically restrain them or put a hand to them. With some kids these days, verbal discipline doesn’t always work. The article fails to explain what the child did, but that in no way excuses the fact that the teacher put his hands on someones child. Still, was it right for the mother to put her hands on the teacher?

I don’t believe violence solves anything, however, I do believe in standing up for your child.  It is your right as a parent to ensure your child’s safety. And who knows what really happened between the teacher and child. The child says the teacher choked him, but the teacher claims he shook the child. Either way, bodily harm could have come to the child. Lets not even go there with all the neurological harm that can come from shaking a child.

Ok…I’m ready for the comments…let them fly moms. 🙂


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  1. I have to admit, I would have punched her too!

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