Cat Fights

CattyI read an interesting article on momlogic today dealing with bully’s at work, and how most of them are female. Find the article here.

I’ve had both male and female bosses and personally, I’d prefer to work for a male boss. In my experience, guys seem to let things roll of their back more and not take things too personally. Women rule with their emotions and have a tendency to hold grudges. Again, this is MY opinion. I’m not saying this is true in all cases. I know some men who who worse than women when it comes to tears.

Females by nature are catty as far I’m concerned. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen women look each other up and down and smile in your face one minute just to talk about you the next. I could care less about what people think of me and therefore I’ve personally never had a problem working with women, I would just prefer to work under a man.¬†

Tell me your thoughts, both on the article at momlogic and your experiences working for both female and male bosses. Comments are both encouraged and appreciated.


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