Guest Blogger Day

Guest Blogger DayToday is guest blogger day. I am a part of Michelle Rafter’s May blogathon and Michelle thought making May 21 guest blogger day would be a nice touch, and I agree. 

For my guest blogger I have Marilyn McClellan. We met during the blogathon. She wrote me a very sweet email from my site, explaining how she thought I was her daughter for a second because we had many similarities (a child the same age, a blog, her daughter is also an editor).  I appreciated the fact that Marilyn took the time to write me an email to tell me that story and also that she enjoyed my blog. Needless to say, when it was time to pick a guest blogger, my choice wasn’t hard at all.

Without further adeu, here is the bio that Marilyn wrote about herself. Please do visit her blog, she blogs from her heart and it’s very warming to read.


Marilyn writes:


How nice of Danielle to invite me onto her blog for the day. I began my blog while traveling to Singapore shortly after my husband died. It was a welcome diversion during a stressful time. I returned home to the Pacific Northwest and lost interest until I began a major remodel of my house in 2007. My blog gave me a chance to chronicle the adventure and take friends and family along on the transformation of my century old house. My designer began showing the blog to her clients and even my contractor admitted to reading it.

Blogs are such a deceptive curiosity. They feel so solitary during the writing. Then, someone I hardly know will say, “Oh, I know all about that. I read your blog.”

I’m a mother and a grandmother who was carried into cyber space by my husband and children. I ‘m a retired school counselor but my career has taken on a second life as a writer of nonfiction children’s books. I teach at our local community college and supervise counseling interns. I love crossword puzzles and British mysteries, and I’m fortunate to live in a beautiful town overlooking the Puget Sound.


Thank you Marilyn for being my guest today. It’s been a pleasure getting to know you.

Please head over to Marilyn’s blog. I am a guest on her blog today.


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