Guest Blogger: Huriya Manzar

be a guestToday I have the pleasure of having a guest blogger. Huriya and I met during the May Blogathon that I was a part of.  She expressed a likeness to my work and I asked her if she would be interested in being a guest blogger someday. Have a look at her blog, she posts regularly about her life as a mom.

Here is Huriya’s post that she wrote for us today:

Danielle is kind enough to let me be a guest blogger on her awesome site today. I have been blogging for more than three years now, mostly about my day to day events with a sprinkle of book/movie reviews plus arbitrary thoughts on events or observations and then I top it off with my favorite quotes. Initially the purpose was to document my life and my feelings, because it’s always fascinating for me to go back in time and read about my state of mind under certain circumstances. 

However, over time I have realized that even though blogging helps me in therapeutic ways, writing in general forces me to think more analytically and logically about my life. For example, when searching for interesting topics I found myself writing about Arranged Marriages vs. Love Marriages, Brand Name shopping madness, Why have kids?, Why get married?, Different conversation styles and what they tell about a person’s personality and many more. 

I also found that I love to describe events in engaging and funny ways, I have found that has always been the hardest for me. I have never known the difference between reporting an event or pulling the reader into a scene prior to my blogging (micro) career. But this is one of the many things I learned. 

Lastly, but the most important thing I have realized from blogging, is that writing is my passion. I have never taken a writing class or wrote anything formally before (except for term paper in college), and after two years of casual blogging it dawned on me that writing is what fulfills me intellectually and creatively. 

If you decide to stop by at my blog I am sure you will find at least a topic or two that will interest you and if it does, feel free to comment. You can read more about me here


Thanks again for taking the time to tell us about yourself Huriya. It’s been a pleasure having you as my guest blogger today.

If you are interested in being a guest on my blog, please send me an email through my web site and we can put something together. Guest blogging is a fantastic way to get your name out there – and it’s free – even better.


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