Forgetting Children in Cars

question markSo here I am, perusing the web with my coffee in hand, and I start my day with this post from momlogic “Baby dies in hot car.”

Fantastic way to start my morning…not.

For starters, can parents please tell me how you forget your children in the car? Anyone?

I’m a mom, I travel with my son in the car daily, and I have never even come close to forgetting him anywhere I am, let alone in a car.

It’s such a preposterous act that I simply don’t understand it. You go through all the trouble of strapping your children in a car, then you find a parking space, get out, and lock your car up without taking out the human being you strapped in ten minutes earlier? I can’t…I just cannot comprehend the absentmindedness of parents some times.

There is no excuse, as far as I’m concerned, for leaving your children in a car. Period.

Please do share your thoughts and opinions on such a weighty topic.



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3 responses to “Forgetting Children in Cars

  1. I found very informative. The article is professionally written and I feel like the author knows the subject very well. keep it that way.

  2. Shelly.

    nice! i’m gonna make my own journal

  3. I couldn’t agree with you more. I don’t have children but, I can assure you I don’t leave Lucy (wire hair Jack Russell) in the car… as a matter of fact she’s a star at Lowe’s . 🙂 Glad to hear a mom voicing her opinion on the topic.

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