My Favorite Places to Write

empty-park-bench (1)I’m a person who needs silence when writing.

Therefore, crowded coffee shops don’t quite cut it for me most of the time when it comes down to writing for money. I prefer to be home, with my feet up on my over sized ottoman, hot cup of tea in hand. I am also a person who prefers cooler weather to hot, so when the winter time hits and I’m curled up on the couch with a cup of hot cocoa and my pink bunny slippers on, life just doesn’t get much better. My laptop is my best friend when I’m getting my freelance writing and editing done.

However, if I am writing for my own pleasure, then I’m a person who prefers writing long hand. To sit down with an open, lined notebook or journal, my favorite pen, and my two cats at my feet, is simply heaven for me. Computers are grand, don’t get me wrong, but there is just something insanely relaxing about putting pen to paper and allowing your hand to guide the pen in upward strokes across the paper. To really focus on and savor your writing is a fairly cheap form of therapy for me. Long hand also allows me to become one with my words. I also read aloud my writing often. I prefer words that linger on the palate and appreciate being sung by the tongue.

It is this writing for my own pleasure that sometimes takes me outside to write. I appreciate an empty park (bench or grass) and an ice cold tea with a splash of lemon to help alleviate the sometimes stress of being a mother. I allow for the freshly cut grass to dance in between my toes and take in the smells of the flower gardens nearby. I never bring my laptop with me when I’m writing for my own pleasure. I simply would never be able to engross myself in the semi-trance-like state that writing puts me in. That horrid key tapping sound would ruin the rhythm of my prose and interrupt the dreams I allow room for in my writing.

Sweet, playful i-dotting and t-crossing…that’s all I want to hear when I’m writing for my own pleasure in an empty park. I want to gaze lovingly at a brand new, jet black Moleskine journal and feel that little bit of anticipation that builds right before I take it out of it’s wrapper. And when my heart fluttering subsides and I open it up to the first page, I can’t wait to grab my Paper Mate and allow the two to become one. The mating of pens, journals, and a passion for recording your innermost thoughts.

Share your favorite places to write, I’d love to hear the inspiration you gain when being there.



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10 responses to “My Favorite Places to Write

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  2. Courtney

    We professional (clock-slave) creative writers have to learn to write amid multiple cube conversations and frequent interruptions. Hard to feel inspired, get in the “zone,” and stay there for longer than 20 min at a time. Never was easy for me, as I am like you – preferring a writing spot that’s peaceful and quiet.

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  4. I love my office setup as I made sit so that I look out onto the garden.
    I just posted some pics onto my Flickr account (which I had been meaning to do for ages)

    I also have a spot on the beach which I jog to. It’s like a little jetty/pier which I can sit on and do some writing. It’s lovely there as it is nice and quiet.
    Unfortunately, like a secret, you can’t tell others about it otherwise it ruins the romance of discovering it yourself

  5. I have to write on my computer… it just makes erasing and rewriting so much easier.. If I ever wrote long hand I know i would never go type it because that just tedious work without much creativity..

  6. I love writing pen to paper.

    Although I can kind of fake it after all these years, I’m NOT a typist, so the mechanics of keyboards are like a pin to the creative balloon.

    But long-hand removes that obstacle, and lets ideas and images flow at the speed of the synapse. Beautiful!

    Funny, I wrote a blog a week ago about my Critical Collaborator and our writing rituals, some of which are similar to yours!

  7. i should write on it too..
    happy writing.

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  8. Thanks for the comment. I already have a friend who edits work, but thanks! I’m still in the process of setting up the client end of editing, but it looks like I’ll be spending more time ghostwriting over the next few months, as long as the price is right. I hope the quote doesn’t freak the client out, but a book does take about three months. . . . My editing site is

  9. It is such a great feeling to go out, just old fashion pen and paper.

    happy writing

    Marcelle Roujade

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