A Writer’s Thoughts

words“But words are things, and a small drop of ink, falling, like dew, upon a thought, produces that which makes thousands, perhaps millions, think.”  – Lord Byron –

It’s no secret that I’m a Byron (and a Poe) fan. His above quote ignites a rush of ideas that have been nesting within my loins, simply screaming to be written down. I think it’s the same for every writer that lands upon whatever it is that gives them inspiration. Be it the flowers outside, the birds singing their harmonic tunes, or the gentle breeze that ruffles the fall leaves, inspiration is all around us.

For me, inspiration speaks in forms of words, quotes, colors, sounds, and writing. I find that simply reading calms my soul. When it’s so quiet that you could hear a pin drop, the silence itself is astounding. I’ve always been a fan of solitude. Not just for the fact that I get to know myself, but also because silence speaks volumes without saying a thing. Cliche, I know…but true nonetheless.

So when writers begin writing, whatever it is they may be thinking of at that moment, something magical happens. Ideas mix with feelings and words intermingle with dreams, all producing a masterpiece that now has bore an audience. Once words amalgamate with paper, a story is given new life. Characters find friends, mothers bare children, men become fathers, and something that just a moment ago was nothing…now has been given a voice. And sing it shall, just you watch.

A single word, sentence, or paragraph means a world of difference from one person to the next. You may read a story and gain nothing, while the person next to you reads the same story and allows for the tears of their triumphs to rain down. Words are powerful, life giving, and tremendous. And never underestimate their influence over complete strangers.

I doubt that when iconic writers such as Byron, Poe, Melville, and Shakespeare were penning their thoughts, they allowed room for an audience. From studying them through college and on my own, I’ve learned that all the aforementioned wrote because their souls commanded it. Poe wrote The Raven inside a farmhouse while battling depression. I’m sure he highly doubted it would reach publication, let alone be canonized in high school and college classrooms today.

For all of you that are writers presently, and for all of you that are scared to write down your thoughts, my advice to you would simply be to WRITE. Write more…never less.  Whatever lives in your thoughts needs to be authored. It needs a home among the greatest literary geniuses that continue to live on today through their writing. Find the courage to start a journal, a blog, or even a book. You never know whose life you may change simply because they took the time to read your persuasions.

Please, share your writing thoughts. I admire other people’s determination when it comes to writing.



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3 responses to “A Writer’s Thoughts

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  3. This was a very inspiring article. I must say with positive reinforcement like this I could have accomplished anything in life. I personally struggle with literature. I’m very bad at spelling (always was) and often more than not I find myself with a lack of words. I try to avoid hard words and opt for the easier ones. I truly think this affects the style and quality if my personal writing.

    My fiancé says it’s okay because as long as I’m trying I will continue to grow and get better yet I have a hard time to believe her. If I continue to use the easy words I will never get better and if anything I will remain the same or possibly get worse.

    Maybe I lack the enthusiasm because I don’t have the Joy and fulfillment you have with writing. Reading your article today makes me feel you have an emotional relationship with writing. I for one could never fill this type of enjoyment from words.

    Maybe as my writing skills grow this will change…

    Thanks for the insight


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