Michael Jackson: Know That You Will Be So Missed

rest-in-peace-michael-jacksonLike most of the world, I was floored when I heard the news of Michael Jackson’s death. I remember exactly where I was and I’ll never forget the immediate feeling of loss and shock that I felt.

I grew up on MJ’s music. I envied the dancing ability he possessed. I watched him tip his hat and stand on his toes with the utmost loving affection. The few strands of hair that always fell into his face, the tight white t-shirt, and the crotch grabbing mesmerized me. I thought he was one of the sexiest men on the planet…in his own way.

I seriously can’t believe we lost him. This was a death that shouldn’t have surfaced for at least thirty to forty more years. Michael should still be here touring, raising his children, dancing, singing, and caring for others. The amount of compassion he had for others astounds me and leaves me literally breathless. I wish I could look at the world that way.

MJ gave his all to help countless children and causes around the world. But yet, the media chose to focus not on the good he did but on the weirdness they thought he was capable of. Al Sharpton said it best at Michael’s memorial: “I want Michael’s kids to know…ain’t nothing strange about your daddy, what was strange is what he had to go through.”

The media helped contribute to Michael’s untimely death. The false molestation accusations that he had to endure took a toll on him, as they would with any one of us. Those accusations destroyed his spirit and you could see it in his face every time he walked into court. He was mentally, emotionally, and physically drained. And now that he’s gone, I feel more horrible than ever. I can’t even imagine what it’s like to live in a world where all you want to do is be yourself, be “normal”, perform for your fans, and help those less fortunate…and the media and haters keep picking at you. They pick until blood drips…until your spirit is broken…they pick at you until you are gutted.

What Michael Jackson wanted was simply to be himself, to be a good father to his children, and to love his fans. It’s too bad that it took his death for most of the world to realize that.

Even though I’ve never met MJ and didn’t know him personally, I feel with every fiber of my being that I lost a family member. I weeped during his memorial service. I went through almost an entire box of tissues. Part of me feels sad and empty at his loss while other parts of me smile because I’m hoping he is finally at peace.

Thank you MJ for the dance moves, the beautiful songs, your compassion for the human race, and for your unconditional love that you had for your children, your family, and your fans. Know that you are respected for your talents and that you will be SO missed.



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6 responses to “Michael Jackson: Know That You Will Be So Missed

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  2. Thanks, that is a very good contribution. I found it via Google and immediately incorporated it into my feedreader. I am pleased to soon be back here to read again! greetings

  3. Great – now that is perspective! I think we frequently react in understanding or variance because of our outlooks, but hearing another side, stormily presented, really makes me think! I do not mind reading what you enunciated here as it has genuinely caught the value of the issue in a worthwhile good sense. With that, author, I toast to you.

  4. He was really artistic and he had alot of creativity i would rate him a 5 star for he was some one very special.

  5. Everyone is completely entitled to their own opinions. However, you can’t deny that MJ was aquitted of all charges in his second molestation case. He said he paid off the first case simply to get rid of it…whether this is true or not…we’ll never know.

    I think that you also can’t fault the man for not having self esteem when it came to his looks. Like he stated numerous times in interviews and in his songs “Have you seen my childhood?” Much of anyone’s lack of self esteem (not just Jacksons) stems from their childhood upbringing. There are millions of men and women (plenty of who are celebrities) that have had numerous plastic surgery procedures on themselves in order to not only raise their levels of self esteem, but also to make themselves (in their eyes) look and feel better. I see Michael Jackson as being no different then the millions that alter their appearences in that way. He wasn’t happy with himself, so he changed. He can’t be faulted or singled out for such acts unless we plan on singling out every single person who has ever had any type of cosmetic surgery.

    As far as his drug use is concerned, toxicology reports are still in the works. And until they surface, we can’t place blame on any aspect of how Michael died. Like I stated in my original blog post, I’m convinced that his death was an untimely one, and I have a feeling drugs were involved. Again however, we must wait to see just what kind and how much of drugs caused his death.

    Regarding his memorial and death coverage, I believe he was given the exact amount of coverage he deserved. It was CNN that focused the most on his events. Other news stations continued giving consumers world wide news coverage. So my response to that would be, if you’re interested in Michael’s death coverage then watch it, and if you’re not…then change the channel.

    Anyone in this world can’t argue with the fact that Michael Jackson reinvented music and dance. Everything he touched turned to gold. And his talents remain unsurpassed. You can love him or hate him, but the man was talented. Thousands of musicians and performers today emulate him and strive to move and create like he did. He had raw talent, he gave millions to charities, and helped out countless children and families throughout his lifetime. I have yet to see any man or women, living today, that has done so much for others.

    He deserves to be recognized for his humanitarian efforts, his drive to please his fans, his unconditonal love for his family and children, and he deserves a fitting farewell simply because he was Michael Jackson. He is a household name, one that many of us grew up on.

    He is and will be so missed from many fans and devotees around the world. Like so many have said since his passing, I sincerely hope the man can be at peace now. He deserves it.

  6. Sharon

    Can I really share my thoughts because no one wants to post how I really feel. They only want feel good stuff.

    No one would leave their kids alone with Michael Jackson but now all of a sudden he’s a hero? He was a drug addicted pervert who paid off two victims (he did, Google it). He wasn’t content with his body and spent too much time and effort trying to obtain drugs. Is this who I want my children to glorify? Is this who I want the state of California to spend the millions on a funeral for? Presidents dont’ get this kind of treatment. Our troops who died so we can be free don’t get this kind of treatment. But Michael Jackson, the child molester, self mutilator and pervert gets a hero’s send off.

    Does anyone else see something wrong with this?

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