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Genuine Laughter

That deep in your gut feeling when something is so funny, it’s so absolutely genuine. Your breathe becomes scarce and your face turns tomato red. The one to whom I owe this loving honor…my 3 year old son.

Although we laugh together daily, I’m compelled to depict just how much I enjoy these “catch my breath” laugh sessions with my little boy. Everything is new to children and to see and hear how innocently he sees the world around him stirs emotions in me that I’ve either forgotten that I had, or somehow seem new to me altogether.

When my son forms the words on his lips and his angelic voice then culminates the syllables into something understandable, I can sense the rumble of laughter making its way up through my rib cage and I can’t help but close my eyes and enjoy it. It feels lovely and inhabiting to laugh so genuinely.

Priceless is the look on my son’s face when he didn’t think he said anything funny but watches me laugh. That inquisitive almost blank stare just makes me want to laugh some more…so I do. And I feel even more refreshed.

For in that instant that laughter takes hold of me, my cares and worries cease. What is troubling is now repressed, and anything that causes anxiety can’t help but be calmed. I am free in that moment. It is that tender moment when I cradle my son close so that he too can feel the roar of laughter that he created within me, and I hug him until I can catch my breathe again.

Genuine love, genuine laughter…two things that seem so easy to grasp and hold on to between a mother and a child reminds me that no one else in this world can make me laugh like that. That kind of laughter is so real, so big, and yet so relaxing.

Try it sometime, it’s exhilarating.

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