Free Writing – Inspiration at its best

According to Wikipedia, Free Writing (also called “stream of consciousness writing”) is described as a technique in which a person writes for a set amount of time without regard for grammar, punctuation, spelling or topic.

I’ve done this writing exercise many times, and was first introduced to it in middle school. I remember being utterly enveloped in it and couldn’t wait to try it out more. I think it’s a fantastic way to not only overcome writer’s block but also to gain inspiration. You’ll be amazed at what is running through your head when you’re not concentrating on your mind and conscience.

The exercise does not discriminate. You can be a brand new writer, a seasoned author, or a first time freelancer. Because you’re writing what’s in your head, you create the content. It’s one of a kind content. No one else has it or has thought of it. Interesting don’t you think? I do.

Sure the writing will most likely be a garbled mess, but it’s supposed to be. Don’t worry about if it makes sense as you write it. The act of putting into perspective comes later, let the words marinate on the page awhile after you’ve finished writing. Sometimes I tuck my free writing away in a notebook or insert it into my file cabinet and come back to it days, weeks, even months later. I’ve created wonderful book ideas, characters, and articles from the otherwise indecipherable ink.

I tend to favor unlined journals when I free write, as I enjoy writing every which way on the paper. But a regular notebook will do just fine. There are no rules regarding free writing on your computer, but I am not a fan of performing this writing exercise on my laptop.  Longhand has always been a favorite of mine. I enjoy the fluidness of liquefied thoughts and ideas. For me, longhand is an ultimate calming sensation.

Stream-of-conscious writing is great to do anytime, not just when you feel you’re ensnared in writer’s block. And you don’t have to put your writing away, you’re more than welcome to dive into deciphering it and putting it into some sort of order as soon as you’re finished.

Let myself and my readers know how free writing has worked out for you. Useful? Useless?



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7 responses to “Free Writing – Inspiration at its best

  1. Alicia Young

    I love the free writing strategy to find your muse. I used it a lot when I was teaching high school English…students loved that they could write whatever they wanted without regard to punctuation, spelling. In fact, they even struggled with it a little because they did want to put in periods or commas. But it was a great exercise to get those students who weren’t writers to express themselves. ~ I don’t do much free writing anymore, but I will write in a journal without thinking about capitalization or spelling to just get out my thoughts or remember a dream. ~ Thanks for reminding us writers about gaining inspiration from a “muse.”

  2. Ed

    I’ve found this type of writing doesn’t do much when it comes to plotting out a specific story I want to write, but it does do wonders when you’re at that stage of writers block where you’re pulling your hair and yelling “What the hell should I write?!” Once you get past the initial “block” you’ll need to try to pull some other tricks out of the hat.

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  5. Hi! It’s been a long time since I’ve done this, but I have found it to be useful. Having a notebook handy after a strange dream and then writing without regard to plot or characters gave me some amazing ideas and descriptions of places that I later used in stories.

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  7. Lua

    I’ve always liked this exercise! I think it’s a great way to get the words flowing on days when I’m having trouble putting them down on paper and it sure is an inspiring way to find some new ideas out of my own head, ideas that I didn’t even know I had 🙂
    But it has always been an exercise for me and nothing more. When it comes to a serious project I’m working on, I don’t prefer this method of writing.

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