There’s Nothing Like a New Book

My eyes feast on the cover, the title, the design. My hands become claws around the rectangle and I bring the wad of meticulously cut paper to my nose. I inhale and breathe in that virgin emanation of a brand new book, almost utterly untouched from the printer to my wrists. Graceful and fluid I carefully open the protective jacket and begin to fan the pages close to my face, still high from the inhale of the newness. I feel my heartbeat pick up. In just a few short moments I will be curled up on my couch and whisked away to another’s reality, entering back into my own only when I deem necessary.

I carefully choose a bookmark to hold my place in a wonderland so close to my grasp yet I know it only exists in my mind. The alluring pull of a surrealism mystified by the know of my conscience. I know I will enjoy this read for I picked an author to guide me that I’ve visited with before, almost as mad as the Hatter himself.

I sink into my spot on the couch and begin. My eyes follow the depicted imagery like a hawk following their prey, waiting for the moment I can touch my pencil to the spot and parenthesize the ink that forms the words I so dearly feel. I mark up my books voraciously as to not forget words that tickle my tongue or swing my pendulum of linguistics. I adore authors who play with their words, slithering around the oblivious to hide the obvious.

The sheer joy of becoming enraptured in another’s mind is the pull to books for me. A brand new book excites my psyche and the Literature lover inside me takes over. I can’t control her, trust me I’ve tried.

The words library and bookstore stirs a euphoria in me that lies dormant at times. Used books hold character no doubt. But a brand new book brushes the cowlick on my sensations flat again, and I am once again myself, a reader of great literature and astounding authors.

For now I must get lost in a new book that I received yesterday, it has been calling my name for almost twenty-four hours, and I must obey.
Describe your love of books and/or authors. I adore hearing from my readers.



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4 responses to “There’s Nothing Like a New Book

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  4. I have won three books recently and have been like a kid in a sweetie store. New books are so expensive here in Cyprus, so to have three in a week is a dream. Mixed genres too, so that is a good thing.
    I am a book abuser, I turn corners, make little notes and bend spines, I love them until they can take no more. I had to leave most behind in UK, so new books are soooo precious.
    Not spamming you, but you might enjoy this, it sums it up for me…

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