May Blogathon 2010 Kicks off Tomorrow!

Well, I’m doing it again. Michelle Rafter’s May Blogathon.

Perhaps committing to blogging every day for a month didn’t convince me that I was crazy, so I figured why not try it again this year?

I had a blast participating in it last year. I made some new blogger friends, I gained readership for my blog, and even received some job offers from it. Overall it was a wonderful experience that gave me new insights into the world of blogging and the diligence that it takes to blog daily and make it interesting enough to hold a reader’s attention.

This year, I hope to gain even more readers and friends along the way. I know that the participation level has almost doubled from when the blogathon first got underway two years ago.

To learn more about the blogathon and what it entails, go here to visit Michelle Rafter’s blog.

Kick-off is tomorrow and I hope you will follow me on this year’s blogathon journey.


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