From BookEnds Blog: The Fate of Self-Published Works

I wanted to share this post with all my writing friends out there. There is an interesting question posed to “BookEnds, LLC” a literary agency regarding why some (and that number seems to be growing) publishers would prefer not to publish a book that’s been self published already.

Read the post, and you be the judge.

Your Turn:  How many of you have self-published? How many of you are thinking about it? Leave your comments below.

Click below to be taken to the BookEnds blog post.



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3 responses to “From BookEnds Blog: The Fate of Self-Published Works

  1. I’m intrigued to see what the good people of BookEnds make of the subject. I am a self-publisher, and part of the contemporary fiction self-publishing collective Year Zero Writers. I’m with Rachel – I have no interest in being the next JK Rowling. I would LOVE to earn a modest living from writing but am fully aware that even with a mainstream publisher that would be all but a pipe dream. So why would I hand over control of my work and make myself jump through “market” hoops? I write because I love it but also because it’s an art, and I want to see where the journey takes me artistically, whcih requires years of the kind of experimentation having a publisher just wouldn’t allow.

    So in a way, what publishers think of self-published books is an irrelevance for me – I have no interest ni attracting a publisher. A year or so ago, it was the case that pretty much all books suited to self-publishing weren’t suited to the mainstream, and vice versa. I have a feeling that in the current climate that isn’t the case – BUT the only reason for that would be publishers wanting to use self-publishing stats as slush piles – and if they’ve already accepted doing that, they’re a self-selecting group of publishers who aren’t going to turn their nose up. And, without sounding alarmist, if I were an author looking fior a publisher I would be worried about going with a publishing company so unprogressive as to rule out self-published books – that hardly shows the flexibility that the big houses will need to survive the current upheaval.

  2. I’m glad I read this post..I was (am?) considering self-publishing my blog posts from the first two years; not only to sell to friends and family, but also as a marketing tool for agents, pub houses etc. I’ll do more research, but it is beyond frustrating that my potential future lies in the hands of someone else’s opinion. As for the authors who self-published 7,500-10,000 copies-if I published that many I’d be content and wouldn’t worry about looking for big houses to take it over. It seems like there are very few people controlling a large number of writers-I’m not looking to be the next JK Rowling, even though that’s what the publishing houses want. Ugh.

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