Finding Inspiration in Everyday Things

When I’m home working, I look outside a lot. Sometimes it’s to give my eyes a break from the nagging glare of the computer screen and other times, it’s simply to gain inspiration and ideas for whatever it is that I may be writing at that time.

Today I saw crisp green leaves on the trees…every so slightly moving from the breeze. At first I thought nothing of it. But as I looked out a second time, I fixated on just the leaves and nothing else. A little cliché I know, but the inspiration came to me almost immediately.

“Green, new, refreshing, new job, new life, new baby, first time, redo, growth, flowers”….these were all words that popped into my head. There’s plenty more words and feelings to attribute to new leaves and spring, but that was a good start for my fingertips because they began caressing the keyboard again and I, in turn, starting letting the ideas flow again.

Sometimes, it’s the little things that give us our ideas. When we don’t necessarily see the inspiration right away, that doesn’t mean it’s not there.

One could probably come up with a hundred words for one leaf, what that leaf means to them or what they feel when they look at the leaf. That’s the idea. Take something small and run with it. Allow it to lead you into bigger arenas to find ideas.

Your turn: Where do you gain your inspiration from?



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2 responses to “Finding Inspiration in Everyday Things

  1. I think life itself is inspiration. You can be inspired by anything, even just the simple beauty of a crisp green leaf stirred by a gentle breeze 🙂 That’s a lovely image.

    I am a traveller so I am often inspired by difference – unfamiliar places, sounds, smells, faces, noises, ideas, dances, foods. I find my best inspiration simply sitting back and soaking in the world as it swirls around me. I thrill in people watching.

    I also find inspiration in old photographs found in antique stores. I imagine lives and histories for these forgotten subjects and write stories about them.

  2. Me too. I actually write outside quite a bit.

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