iPad? iPod? No Thanks.

I feel that it should be against the law for me to not want to have an iPad. I mean, it’s 2010, technology is evolving faster than it has before with electronics. Nevermind an iPad, I don’t even own an iPod. I know…crazy isn’t it? I’ll give that a couple of seconds to sink in.

One Mississippi, two Mississippi…welcome back.

I don’t own nor want an iPad or iPod. Reason why you ask? Because I consider myself  “kinda-sorta old-school” in the sense that I get tremendous joy from holding my books and magazines. I utterly adore taking an hour-long trip to Staples to pick out new highlighters, pens, and pencils to mark up my literary finds. Or exhausting a good part of my afternoon sitting in the big comfy chairs at my local library skimming through potential books that may come home with me.

The smell of a new book ignites a fury of plasmic ions within my blood that speak to each other in Latin. Not really, but you get the point. So to hold a plastic device that renders no need for my highlighter is of no interest to me.

As for the iPod, I appreciate that if I want to listen to music I don’t have to lug my Sony Walkman around with me anymore and flip my Michael Jackson “Bad” tape to side two…I can simply press the forward arrow to change songs. Except that when I read or write, I need total calm and quiet. I can’t have the T.V. on, or the radio, even the ticking of a Grandfather Clock will get to me after a while. If I had ear buds vibrating my vestibule I’d never get anything done.

While I would never turn away the iPad, iPod, even the Kindle as gifts that I would use in my spare time, you wouldn’t catch me in an Apple Store browsing either.

You will, however, catch me at Borders with a decaf coffee in my hand hiding at the corner table reading Lolita. Come over and say Hi.

Your turn: Share your thoughts on the iPad, iPod, and/or Kindle. Do they help you work or waste your time?



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6 responses to “iPad? iPod? No Thanks.

  1. Hi Susie,

    I agree with you there. I may get one of the aforementioned devices at some point when I get older, but not now.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  2. ipod, nope. Don’t have a cell phone either. Wasn’t interested in a kindle. The ipad? I might want a 3rd of 4th generation one day because when the husband and I ask an inane, insane, or wonder question, we can look it up instantly.

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  4. Hi Heather,

    Glad you stopped by and enjoyed the post! Happy writing!

  5. Completely with you on this one! I chose other MP3 players over the Ipod for the versatility of where I buy my music. And as far as replacing my books??? I can’t imagine! I like to hold the book in my hand, revel in each turn of the page. A coworker had an Ipad out yesterday and it was really neat and all, but just not the same. Kindle would be good for vacations, but still, what fun is an electronic reader at the beach? Just sayin’

    oh and btw – visiting from blog2010 – finally getting around some. take care!


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