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Haiku Day via the May Blogathon; Poetry Abound!

Today is “Haiku Day” on the May Blogathon. My contribution is below.

Sitting reading books

A place far away is home

My mind wanders there

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May Blogathon 2010 Kicks off Tomorrow!

Well, I’m doing it again. Michelle Rafter’s May Blogathon.

Perhaps committing to blogging every day for a month didn’t convince me that I was crazy, so I figured why not try it again this year?

I had a blast participating in it last year. I made some new blogger friends, I gained readership for my blog, and even received some job offers from it. Overall it was a wonderful experience that gave me new insights into the world of blogging and the diligence that it takes to blog daily and make it interesting enough to hold a reader’s attention.

This year, I hope to gain even more readers and friends along the way. I know that the participation level has almost doubled from when the blogathon first got underway two years ago.

To learn more about the blogathon and what it entails, go here to visit Michelle Rafter’s blog.

Kick-off is tomorrow and I hope you will follow me on this year’s blogathon journey.

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Guest Blogger Day

Guest Blogger DayToday is guest blogger day. I am a part of Michelle Rafter’s May blogathon and Michelle thought making May 21 guest blogger day would be a nice touch, and I agree. 

For my guest blogger I have Marilyn McClellan. We met during the blogathon. She wrote me a very sweet email from my site, explaining how she thought I was her daughter for a second because we had many similarities (a child the same age, a blog, her daughter is also an editor).  I appreciated the fact that Marilyn took the time to write me an email to tell me that story and also that she enjoyed my blog. Needless to say, when it was time to pick a guest blogger, my choice wasn’t hard at all.

Without further adeu, here is the bio that Marilyn wrote about herself. Please do visit her blog, she blogs from her heart and it’s very warming to read.


Marilyn writes:


How nice of Danielle to invite me onto her blog for the day. I began my blog www.marilynmcclellan.com/blog while traveling to Singapore shortly after my husband died. It was a welcome diversion during a stressful time. I returned home to the Pacific Northwest and lost interest until I began a major remodel of my house in 2007. My blog gave me a chance to chronicle the adventure and take friends and family along on the transformation of my century old house. My designer began showing the blog to her clients and even my contractor admitted to reading it.

Blogs are such a deceptive curiosity. They feel so solitary during the writing. Then, someone I hardly know will say, “Oh, I know all about that. I read your blog.”

I’m a mother and a grandmother who was carried into cyber space by my husband and children. I ‘m a retired school counselor but my career has taken on a second life as a writer of nonfiction children’s books. I teach at our local community college and supervise counseling interns. I love crossword puzzles and British mysteries, and I’m fortunate to live in a beautiful town overlooking the Puget Sound.


Thank you Marilyn for being my guest today. It’s been a pleasure getting to know you.

Please head over to Marilyn’s blog. I am a guest on her blog today.

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A Writer’s Insanity


Being an author is like being in charge of your own personal insane asylum.  ~Graycie Harmon


I was looking over some writing quotes that I have listed on my personal website and this one by Graycie Harmon caught my eye. How true it is though, no? I think so. 

I think writers in general are a walking insane asylum most of the time. I know for me, ideas are constantly getting in line inside my head in hopes of coming out in the form of words. Characters are hungry for the ink that will bring them to life. Even the mediocre ideas and story lines are eager for stardom. You don’t have to be a published author to have stacks and stacks of material. If you write at all, for pleasure or business, you’re a writer.

Like I have mentioned in some of my previous postings, I have been writing SOMETHING ever since I was small, be it poetry or short stories, articles or drawings. I was always producing filled notebooks and journals. Bookstores and hole in the wall coffee shops became my second homes.

I know lots of writers who are they same way. They have to write almost daily or they feel like something is missing. Writing is a healthy outlet for all, so is reading. And even if you’re not a lover of literature, reading a book can be an extremely calming sensation. 

Being in charge of your own insane asylum has its perks as well as its downfalls. It’s up to you as the writer to decide which direction your writing can and will take you in if you believe in yourself.

And hey, if all else fails, a padded room doesn’t sound all THAT bad. I hear that padded walls make great pillows.

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Cat Fights

CattyI read an interesting article on momlogic today dealing with bully’s at work, and how most of them are female. Find the article here.

I’ve had both male and female bosses and personally, I’d prefer to work for a male boss. In my experience, guys seem to let things roll of their back more and not take things too personally. Women rule with their emotions and have a tendency to hold grudges. Again, this is MY opinion. I’m not saying this is true in all cases. I know some men who who worse than women when it comes to tears.

Females by nature are catty as far I’m concerned. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen women look each other up and down and smile in your face one minute just to talk about you the next. I could care less about what people think of me and therefore I’ve personally never had a problem working with women, I would just prefer to work under a man. 

Tell me your thoughts, both on the article at momlogic and your experiences working for both female and male bosses. Comments are both encouraged and appreciated.

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Freelance Writer? Author? Editor? Who Wants to be A Guest Blogger!!

New FriendsHello friends. This wonderful idea sprung into my head today and I think it’s really going to help out potential writers and bloggers. Every week I’d like to start featuring a guest on my blog. These guests can be writers, bloggers, authors, et cetera on any genre. 

If you’re interested please either comment below this post, or send me an email through my website and we can get started. I’d like to post the first guest this Friday or Saturday (May 8 or 9). You can tell us about yourself in a short bio (100 words or less), tell us about your blog or website, what you do for a living, how you started, et cetera. 

I foresee it as a great way to get your name and website out to the public. I’m happy to say that I’ve gained lots of readers since joining Michelle Rafter’s blogathon and I feel like everyone that I’ve met has become a part of my “blog-family”.

I’m looking forward to meeting new friends and fellow bloggers through this guest spot. Can’t wait to hear from YOU.


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Thank Goodness for Bookstores

bathMy weekend flew by. It was all about errands. I hit the super market, Borders, and a few other stops. I don’t know about you, but every time I go to a bookstore I get lost for hours. I was in Borders for three hours today and it felt like a half an hour. I start off in the Literature section. I gaze at my favorite classic titles lovingly. Lolita, Wuthering Heights, Pride and Prejudice, Shakespeare, Poe, Emerson, Whitman, and Lewis Carroll…just to name a few. Then I allow my eyes to graze over new titles and covers I’ve never seen and when one (or a few) catches my eye, my fingers strum through the pages. And more often than not, I add it to my basket. It finds a new home on my coffee table for a couple of weeks until I finish it then it accepts it’s permanent home on my bookcase until I chose to lend it out to friends or reread it. 

From the Literature section I then stroll over to the Reference section to find the writer’s instructional books. I’ll grab one or two and then head over to the magazine section. Chose a few favorite literary journals and make my way to the cafe. Order my favorite beverage then find the biggest leather chair I can and get lost in the lines of my book choices. Sometimes I purchase the mags but mostly (to save a few bucks) I’ll write down the website, if I don’t already know it, and favorite the web page to reference in the future. Same goes for the writing books. I do purchase some but mostly I’ll jot things down and add them to my writing  journals.

And before I know it….my afternoon is shot. Honestly I enjoy my bookstore time and I prefer to go alone. It’s a refuel for my soul. It’s important to renew yourself weekly I think. Whether it’s a steaming hot bath with a tall glass of red wine or a couple hours at a bookstore, finding yourself  BY YOURSELF is revitalizing. Try it sometime.

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